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Fragrance Creators of the day: Christine and Niclas Lydeen of Agonist

Their blog is a beautiful online collage of  portraits, artworks, photographs and notes of colors.
Looking at it, is evident a sophisticated creativity and inspirational approach. The brand Agonist carries on very interesting fragrance resarches since 2008, when it was founded by Christine and Niclas Lydeen. This sweden duo was immediately noted for its eclectic unisex perfumes with very strong personality. After a path in the world of fashion for Christine and one in visual arts for Niclas, these two have combined their creative energies in order to create Agonist. From their studio in the wild nature of Sweden, came fragrances claiming their bouquet also on the  surface bottles, to declare immediately all their essences. Here you are their answers to our questions.


EN: The first smell that you remember. And your first fragrance memories

Christine: My first strong memory is when as a little girl I stepped over the threshold and into my grandmothers greenhouse, The moist, thick air filled with chlorophyll, tomatoes and greens that filled my nostrils.

Niclas: My father brought home vetyver and patchouli oil from his travels and used in his beard.

EN: Which olfactive notes and/or olfactive family represent you best.

Woods and Musk


EN:How is your creative/work process?

We constantly gather inspiration and ideas for scent concepts. We work with visuals, poetry, music and raw material to create a creative plattform for each scent. After this we collaborate with our perfumers to create different versions of the coming scent and our decision is always made intuitive when we feel we achieved what we were looking for.

EN:How do you get inspiration?

Be constantly consuming interesting exhibitions, books, poetry, music and experiencing nature and travels around the world. We digest all our impressions in the calmness of our studio in the Swedish archipelago. We believe that the results in our work is influenced by this distance and contrasts and from our nordic vision.


EN:How did you start working in this field?

With a background from fashion and art direction we initially came up with the idea to create an invisible wardrobe. We wanted to use scent as a starting point for our artistic expressions and give life to abstract and conceptual fragrance ideas.


EN:Your latest creations and collaborations in the world of perfumes.

We are launching a very interesting collaboration with the Swedish fashion brand HOPE, where we have developed three scented candles and one perfume all inspired by values that shape our work. Courage, Freedom and Diversity. Values that the world needs a lot of high now.

We are also launching a new scent called Blue North wich is a scented tribute to the artistic mystery of the cold north.


EN:What scent are you wearing now?

We are both wearing HOPE by AGONIST Parfums.



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