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Fragrance Blogger of the day: Elena Vosnaki of Perfume Shrine

As selected by the Huffington Post in Best Perfume Blogs, in Top 3 Arts Blogs by Chandler Burr, in Top 10 Perfume Linksas chosen by G.Osborne (of, and as recommended on The Good Web Guide.

Elena Vosnaki is the Fragrance Expert on and the Perfume History Curator of the Be Open Foundation exhibition The Garden of Wonders, A Journey in Scents in Milan.

Her writing has been twice shortlisted in the FIFI Editorial Excellence Awards, is extensively quoted by authors, she regularly writes for top fragrance webzine and is an evaluating expert on Interviews of the author regarding her status as perfume historian & writer appear in VOGUE Hellas, ICON Magazine and

We sent some questions to Elena and this is our chat!


EN: First smell that you remember. And your first fragrance memories.

I vividly, consciously remember the scent of burnt reed, the kind that is scientifically called Phragmites australis. It grew copiously at a place where I spent my summer vacations as a kid and the villagers burned them to make way on the way to the beach. They grew like crazy, so weeding was necessary. The smell was sweetly roasted, almost incense-like and it imprinted a favorable memory of all things smoky.

My first fragrance memories involved the toiletries of my mother and grandmother who were both very attuned to the ritual of perfuming. They used things like Madame Rochas, Dioressence, Soir de Paris, Cabochard…I attribute my love for perfume to my toddler steps towards their vanity tables!


EN: Which olfactive notes and olfactive family represent you best.

Although I’m a bit all over the place, liking things from all families and all groups, there are some patterns I lean onto. I love musks of all kinds, clean and “dirty”, incense notes, jasmine, orange blossom, oakmoss, patchouli and ambergris. The fragrance family which has probably influenced me most through my formative years is the chypre fragrance family. It goes with the territory; in Greece most women have worn or still wear a “chypre” perfume, which is of course named after the island of Cyprus with its long Greek tradition…

EN: Do you have perfume shop of your heart?

I respect and have benefitted a lot from, an online distributor of niche fragrances. I also like shopping at Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle and Serge Lutens because the shopping experience is out of the box and at the same time quite detailed.




EN: How did you start working in this field?

Following building a website of fragrances worn by the rich and famous I began blogging on scent in general as a part-time hobby while at the same time attended perfumery seminars. My writing prompted interest from the industry, I assume because they saw a genuine interest and eagerness to learn, which led to various writing opportunities and collaborations.

EN: Your latest projects and collaborations in the world of perfumes.
Last spring I worked as a perfume history curator for the Expo 2015 exhibition The Garden of Wonders, a Journey Through Scents in Milan, Italy. Now I’m collaborating with a Visual Arts artist in something new; more to come when we’re ready!

EN: Which olfactory events you never lose?

I try to follow all the news, but with a busy, multi-tasking life like mine it all depends on what I can cram into my schedule!

 EN: What scent are you wearing now?

I have been wearing a lot of Serge Lutens L’Orpheline lately (actually since its launch). The smooth, warmish spicy musk and woods are very comforting and feel “like me”.

thank you!

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  1. jny_jeanpretty says

    Ciao! Che bella, intervista conciso di una delle mie persone preferite, Elena! Le vostre domande sono meravigliosi, come lo sono le sue risposte. Ho imparato tanto da lui. Grazie mille per aver condiviso la tua deliziosa intervista con i suoi numerosi fan.
    Cordiali saluti, Jean Baldridge Yates 🙂

    Mi piace


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